Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1

DuraNews: The Duralum Newsletter

Volume 2 Issue 1


A lot has been going on at Duralum Products more recently. This included participation in various community programs and efforts and the introduction of a new and better product line. With these new developments, the Duralife sunroom and patio enclosure experience has become even more exclusive.  

More Energy Efficient Insulated Patio Covers 

The Duralife wall system has become more energy-efficient thanks to the better high-performance glass windows and doors. The thick dual pane glass makes your screened rooms more energy efficient keeping hot or cold air outside. The thick 4-inch walls are effectively insulated, providing the highest-possible R-value. Besides, Duralum offers various door styles to choose from.  

Duralum’s Latest Community Programs 

Duralum recently worked with the ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’. The foundation’s spokespersons have termed Duralum’s efforts to be a ‘selfless act of kindness’. 

In another instant, Duralum has been donating books to schools in the region through its ‘Book Program for Schools’. In the latest development, the brand made its contribution to the Oakridge Elementary School in Sacramento. 

Speaking of the development, the company’s spokesperson exclaimed, “We have been making our financial contributions annually since 2008 through this program to help schools build libraries. The Oakridge Elementary School has been a center of attention for this program and we are glad to have helped them add more than 1,200 books in their library.” 

It is worth noting that Oakridge Elementary was once categorized among the bottom 1% of schools in the country in terms of test scores. Over the past three years, the school has achieved improvements in test scores in the Sacramento Unified School district. 

Duralum’s Nationwide Engineering Investments Cross $2 Million 

Duralum began its nationwide engineering initiative decades ago. Since then, the company has invested more than $2 million on national rating agency-certified engineering documents development. The benefit of these certifications is that they help clients receive products that meet or exceed the local and state building requirements.  

The company has comprehensive engineering data from the Californian solid patio covers, Monterey insulated patio covers, and other sunroom requirements. The access to such readily referenced and pre-engineered plans enables Duralum dealers to provide a faster building permit process. 

The Nationwide Engineering program ensures that clients receive the highest quality products. Besides, it assures the project is backed by reliable third-party certification. 

Duralum’s Weatherwood Product Line

Duralum has added new products to its Weatherwood series or enhanced its previous products further since the last update. This includes: 

  • Weatherwood® Phoenix Lattice Patio Cover: This product offers the natural look and feel of wood along with the durability that comes with aluminum alloy. It tops this sturdiness with its DuraTough Coating finish, which offers exceptional corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and non-stick benefits. Besides, these Lattice Patio Covers provide flexibility in terms of colors, designs, and textures. 
  • Weatherwood® Californian Solid Patio Covers: These Insulated Patio Covers provide a combination of total shade, the rich look of genuine wood, and the toughness of aluminum. When you need year-round shade, you need the Weatherwood® Californian. As with other products, there is lots of design versatility at your disposal.  
  • Weatherwood® Monterey Insulated Patio Covers: This product from Duralum offers the ideal combination of shade and insulation. When you seek total overhead insulation and protection against cold weather, snow, and ice, Monterey Insulated Patio Covers are just the right choice. These covers feature concealed Electrical Raceways and a unique Panel Interlock Design. They are available in thicknesses up to 6 inches.  

Duralum has been working on various new products and product improvements. 


Over the past few decades, Duralum has focused more of its energy on the residential market. The launch of a series of product lines targeted at this market segment has allowed the brand to make deep market penetrations in the region.  

One of the results of this focus has been the development of the WeatherWood® line of Insulated Patio Covers. This series has been focused on durability, strength, and aesthetics. Homeowners are able to choose from a world of colors and other design elements when designing their sunrooms. 

New Branches 

Las Vegas Nevada has been one of the latest branch additions at Duralum Products. The brand added a new branch in order to keep up with the growing demand for its Solid Patio Covers. It will be servicing areas around western Arizona and Southern Nevada.  

According to a Duralum spokesperson, the company has plans on adding more branches to its portfolio in order to serve more clients and contractors. The objective behind the expansion policy is to set a nationwide presence. 

As Duralum continues to develop new products and programs and plans new branches, you can expect more news in this section. Keep returning to maintain track of the latest developments. For any more information, feel free to reach the team at Duralum Products via this online form. 

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