Volume 2 Issue 2

Volume 2 Issue 2

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Volume 2 Issue 2


Installing a new sunroom will help expand your home’s interior. Everyone wishes for insulated patio covers that allow them to use their sunroom all year round. When building your sunroom, you should also consider comfort factors when the conditions outside worsen. If you want to make the most of your patio room and use it all seasons, you should consider factors such as solar heat gain, structural and glass insulation, and HVAC when designing it. At Duralum Products, we would like to share some tips on using your sunroom and making the most of it. 

Applications for a Sunroom 

A sunroom that acts as a sitting room can be quite relaxing. But it often occurs that homeowners want to use the space for something more. Sunrooms can be used in a wide range of ways. The right enclosed patio covers and room design can enable you to create a living room, office, additional bedroom, dining area, entertainment area, or craft room out of the space.  

Some useful examples are as follows: 

Home Office 

The need for home offices continues to grow. The use of a sunroom as a home office can be just the perfect solution to this demand. Some advantages of this application include: 

  • Creating a separate space means limited distractions 
  • Access to daylight can help lower your lighting costs, and energy costs depending on the season 
  • Potential IRS home office deductions 

Living Room 

Many times, people consider their sunroom with solid patio covers to work as a living room because they have outgrown their exciting living or family room space. There are other reasons as well to transform or create a sunroom to work as a living room. The benefits include: 

  • Combining your outdoor and indoor living experience 
  • You have access to adequate sunlight most times of the year, which can be great if you spend a lot of time in your family room 
  • Energy savings on lighting 
  • Control over lighting, as you can always draw shades and curtains 
  • Enjoy a beautiful outdoor view of the garden, colored leaves, birds, and outdoor hardscapes 


If you think your kitchen needs to be bigger and/or more illuminated, you should consider transforming your sunroom with insulated patio covers into a kitchen. You can either make the garden room an extension of your existing, nearby kitchen or move your kitchen entirely into the sunroom. 

You can also consider using your patio room as an extra bedroom, laundry room, craft and hobby room, entertainment or bar room, or as an indoor spa area. 

Dining Room 

You can use your patio room as a dining area in a number of ways.  

  • Your dining room may be in a location that is best used for a different purpose. Using the sun parlor as a dining room can help free up space. 
  • If you don’t have a proper dining room, you can use your sunroom as a spacious and well-appointed dining area.  
  • A smaller garden room can also act as the ideal breakfast nook 
  • You can also have your sunroom act as the space for providing seating for family and guests when hosting a meal 


While there are almost endless ways to use your sunroom, it is important you maintain them properly if you desire to use them for the most part of the year. The following steps are recommended to get the most out of your Phoenix Lattice Patio Covers or Californian Solid Patio Covers: 

  • Clean it On a Cloudy Day: While the cleaning solution can dry quickly on a hot and sunny day, it is best to clean your patio room on a cloudy day.  
  • Keep the Surroundings Trimmed: When you desire to use your sunroom, getting a clear and beautiful view of the natural scenery outdoors is an important element of the whole experience.  Make sure to trim back any bushes and trees so that branches don’t reach the screens. 
  • Clean the Gutters: If there are gutters surrounding the sunrooms or roof gutters, they should be kept debris-free and clean all year around. Also make sure the downpipes are free of debris. Potential overflow can otherwise cause damage to the screens, widows, and your home’s foundation. 
  • Window Treatments: Whether you are using Aluminum Patio Covers or Wood Patio Covers, the objective behind having a sun parlor is to allow natural light in. At the same time, regular exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your flooring and furniture. So, make sure to use low-E window treatments to protect the interior flooring and furnishings against the damaging effects of sunlight. 

So, it is recommended to use these tips to get the best out of your three-season or four-season room. If you need more input on creating the perfect sunroom for your home, feel free to contact Duralum Products using this online form. 

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