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  • This company is amazing. Unfortunately, I hired a horrible contractor, who is now out of business, and left my patio cover only mostly done. I reached out to Duralum directly and they helped me get my remaining finishing pieces so that my patio cover would be complete. Their customer service is incredible and I'm very happy with their product. Do not hesitate to use their product!!  (see review on Yelp)
    Katie D.California
  • We had our new Duralife sunroom installed about a year ago. My husband and I never realized how much we had missed by not having one years ago. Now we have plenty of room to invite guests over, and don’t have to worry (like we used to) that we didn’t have enough space. We are very pleased with it and have recommended it to others.
    Mrs. Jane L.Sacramento, California
  • We decided a few months ago to add a very large patio cover to our home, and like everyone else, we called several contractors to get estimates. We chose the Duralum product over others for many reasons: They have been manufacturing for over 50 years, they have superior products, and they include a lifetime warranty that can be passed on to others should we decide to sell our home sometime in the future. Our new patio cover is beautiful, and now we can enjoy the outdoors, even when it rains.
    Bill and Millie S.Walnut Creek, California

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