How It’s Made

Duralum manufactures all of its products right here in the USA.

Currently we have two manufacturing facilities serving the Western US; one in Northern California and one in Southern California. We have more than doubled our manufacturing capacity in the last three years with future plans to expand into other states.

We only utilize the finest high-quality grades of aluminum coil, extrusions, glass, and other components required to manufacture our many Patio Covers, Sunrooms and Enclosed Patio products. New product development is an on-going and consistent focus of company management

Check out the processes below to get a better idea of what it takes to produce some of Duralum’s fine quality products.

The 2 x 6 Structural Beam

The Embossing Process

The Insulated Roof Panel

Here’s what it takes just to make our wall and roof panels:

Our embossed aluminum skins, already slit to a precise size, goes through the leveling line to remove any waves or bubbles in the skin material and is cut to length. Aluminum skins are mated to an insulated core and laminated to standards established by a State Quality Program dictating pressure and time of adhesion. Our 3 – soon to be 4 presses – produce tens of thousands of SF of quality controlled panel a day.

There are many different types, colors and shapes that make up the product of your choice, be it a Duralife™ Sunroom, Monterrey Insulated Patio Cover, ClassicRoom® or DuraSlate™ Wall Panel. Here are just a few examples of products made from this process.

Here is an example what it takes to produce our many aluminum patio covers:

The awning pan starts with a coil stock at a gauge called out by the engineering requirements for that particular cover. The coil of aluminum slowly unrolls as the flat stock runs through the tooling that shapes the awning pan. The same “roff-forming” process occurs for all beams and hollow structural members. See the video for more information. Each individual panel is carefully inspected to insure structural conformity and architectural quality before they are delivered to the customer.

Here are just a few examples of some of these panels assembled at homes across the county:

Each and every Duralum product not only looks great, but also meets and exceeds most city, county, and state engineering requirements. Whether your area is located in the Sun Belt of in heavy wind and snow load country, you can be sure your Duralum Product will endure. Ask your authorized Duralum Dealer to show you all the options available for your area. The are always happy to answer any questions you have.

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Remember, it’s a Duralum Product – Accept No Substitute.

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