Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 1

DuraNews: The Duralum Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 1


Duralum’s CEO, Bill Anson recently announced the rollout of the newest and the most state of the art website in the industry.

This new website features Virtual Tours, in both English and Spanish, of all of Duralum’s family of products. You can learn all about the product you are interested in, and in addition you can receive pricing information and/or specific product brochures with the click of a mouse.

Your local Duralum Factory Authorized Dealer can answer any questions you may have, and assist you in designing your project.

Each of our Dealers are Licensed and Bonded. We only allow these types of contractors to carry our product line. This is not the case in a lot of others who do not have these credentials that may use another manufacturer who may not require this.

To insure that all of our dealers are current with their license and bonds, we mail out reminders when they are due in case they may have forgotten those due dates.

If a dealer for some reason fails to do so, we will not allow that dealer to order any materials until they are current.


Duralum now has approved engineering for all of our product lines in all of the 50 continental US states.  What this means to you is, your local building officials now have on file our engineering criteria and that your permit will be approved in just a few short hours, rather than waiting for weeks, and sometimes months, on end before your project can be built. Your local Duralum Dealer will take care of that for you.  Some municipalities may require “Site Specific” engineering because of local environmental and/or construction activity surrounding your home. Our engineering department, along with your Duralum dealer, will coordinate with your local building officials to insure that your project is approved in a timely manner.


Corona’s General Manager Ron Cull and Sacramento’s Brian Quinn announced the addition of our newest product, The Duralife™ Sunroom.

This unique product gives you the best of two worlds: The look and feel of a beautiful Sunroom and the 4 season comfort of a room addition.
The Duralife™ room comes with an Insulated Roof System, rather than a glass roof. You don’t have to worry about the hot sun or the cold of winter.

Unlike sunrooms with glass roofs that have to be shaded in the summer and not used in the winter, the Duralife™ room can be enjoyed 365 days a year, come rain or come shine.

Duralum manufactures this state of the art room and it is only available to our Duralum Authorized Dealer Network.


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